Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy cow, I missed a whole year of posting! Where did it go?

Charlie the STAR

Rog and Char at Cmas

Cookie making with me at Cmas
Our Favorite pic of all 3
I guess I know where it went. We moved to Fredonia, NY in August for Rog's work, and before that I was figuring out how to be at home and do it all and I obviously couldn't. Time for updates I guess:)
Charlie will be 2 in 2 weeks. He's funny, and silly, and in LOVE with his big brothers. His favorite characters are Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. His favorite thing to do is fill a bag or box and carry it around. He thinks he is 4 and will tell you that if you ask him. He amazes us with his smarts knowing all his colors and shapes by 21 months. He will not be left out of anything and notices if he is. He is definitely the 3rd child!
Tater turned 5 in December and goes to school half days, every day in the Pre-K program in Fredonia. He love, love, LOVES the Playstation and Wii and works very hard at school all week so he can play them on the weekends. Tate got to learn to ice skate this fall in a Learn to Skate program and will probably start hockey this fall. He is social with anyone and everyone! He loves to be around people, but we are mostly very nervous about what is going to come out of his mouth in front of others... he is very entertaining.
S.Jessen is in 1st grade and is so excited to be playing hockey this year. He is reading chapter books now and has grown into our bashful child. He's very silly and creative. He loves to draw a lot and has even made a few of his own books this past year (Mario books). He loves to play Mario on the Wii. He still enjoy splaying Legos, but not as much as he used to. He helps mom a lot at home, and still thinks his Daddy hung the moon. He finally lost his 1st tooth last August... he was so scared. He is quite the observer and it is interesting to hear his take on things around him.
Swimming lessons start this week for the boys. We want to feel more confident about their swimming because we really enjoyed going and walking along the beaches on Lake Erie at the end of the summer when we moved here. We want them to be beach and pool ready so the only thing we really have to worry about this coming summer is our rascally 2 yr old :)
That's us for now. Sorry for the long gap for those of you who still randomly check us out.

Friday, November 13, 2009

9 months old

Well, it has been a really long time, so I thought I'd finally publish a post . I do apologize, it's just a whole new world with 3 little boys. Wonderful but very, very busy.

The 5 of us. Our Happy Fanily :)

Charlie is 9 months old now. He is 22 lbs 3 oz (76%) and 28 1/2 in long (76%). They didn't measure his head, but his head is much more proportional than the big boys. They totally have Brecht heads and were always in the 95th percentile :) Charlie is crawling, free standing/cruising, and babbling like crazy. He says, mama, dada, & Ga! I'm not sure what the las one means, but he says it all the time. Mostly he travels around the living room climbing up his musical chair, learning table, or ball popper. When he is excited he claps his feet. He even does the baby moon walk in the bath tub. When I scoot him to the back of the tub, he claps his feet and splashes all way to the faucet. He loves life and is a joy to be with. We definitely needed him!

Tate is loving 3 yr old preschool and enjoying having Mommy home with him every day. I'm staying home this year and have decided to watch one little friend during the day. It's perfect beacause it gives Tate a companion to run around with all morning. Our little friend is a 2 year old little girl, Claire. It helps with my girl fix and her Mommy is one of my super friends, so it's fun seeing her every day, too. :)

S.Jessen is doing great in kindergarten and is learning the tricks of the trade. Raising your hand, walking in the halls, and staying out of "that mean office!" He likes school and is loving the world of reading!

I am loving staying at home and adoring Roger for making it possible. I will teach again sometime, just trying to enjoy the years I can't get back while I can.

Granny and Pops before we went to do a little trick or treating. S.Jessen was a storm trooper, Char was a frog, and Tater was Iron Man.

Our 3 little pumpkins and their pumpkins they made with Daddy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scariest Place on Earth?

OK, to make life simple right after having a baby, we decided to do S.Jessen's birthday with both families, and to combine it with my nephew Luke's birthday, too. My brother Aron and his family were to be moving the week of S.Jessen's birthday and the boys were both turning 5 so we headed to Chuck E. Cheese in Cedar Rapids with all of my immediate and some extended family, my in-laws, and my brother's in-laws, too. AND we decided not to book spot before because we thought for sure we'd get tables. We did have to wait a while to get a table, but the scary part to me was all of the kids running everywhere. We lost Tate 3 times! It seems like it should be kidnapper central, but they do have the nice stamps on your hand that is the same as your child's. BUT they couldn't find Charlie's sticker on his car seat when I was checking him out and they let me take him anyway...
Riding with Chuck E. Cheese, & Tater
Playing air hockey with Pops

It was a nice time, but just a real culture shock for this novice Chuck E. Cheese mommy! We could never go there without all the family to help out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet the Great Grandparents

At 3 weeks old, Charlie went on his first road trip, and he got to meet all of his great grandparents. On Friday, we headed to my parents house and we have two sets of great grandparents (Nanny and Papa, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Kolosik) that live on the very same street, so that was an easy visit! The next day we went to a going away party for my brother and his family (they actually moved to Cincinnati last weekend :( ). On Sunday, we headed to see Roger's parents and Great Grandma Verna. We got to meet all of his great grandparents in two days, whew!
Big boy ready to go!Great Grandma and Grandpa Kolosk thought that he was great!
Nanny was so happy Charlie was finally there!
Papa had been asking about Charlie for a while. They were ready to meet :)
Great Grandma Verna was excited to meet our little feller, too!

It was a nice weekend and Charlie travelled very well in the car. It's nice he has some brothers to look at. Poor S.Jessen didn't have anyone to look at when he was a baby, but Tate and Charlie were born with siblings to look at and laugh with. I guess that's why we had Tate so soon after S.Jessen's first birthday. We felt bad for him... I think I've found myself in another story so that's it for now :)

Bath helpers

The majority of the time that I was pregnant, I was prepping the boys for Charlie's big arrival. I'd tell them they would be big helpers. The only thing I knew they'd really love to do was to help with baths, especially Tater. When he came to the hospital on the day Charlie was born, he pushed his sleeves up and asked if I could help him give Charlie a bath. Poor kid, I could barely get out of bed and he's ready for me to help him give the baby a bath. So, we didn't do it that day, but we did the day after we got home. The boys both loved it, and have since loved it now that Charlie is in his big bath. Here are a few shots of my little helpers :)
Each boy was washing and lotioning a leg. One did the tummy and one did the back, too sweet!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 Boys Pics

I never anticipated getting so many pics of the 3 boys so early. We've been very fortunate to get some great poses! The jammy one we had to take because our cousins got us matching winter jammies for Christmas, and we wanted to get the shot taken before Winter was over. They all turned out really great!

Happy day before your 32nd birthday, Daddy!

Weekend Visitors

Uncle Aron, Charlie, and Luke
Our first weekend home, Uncle Aron, Auntie Ayla, Isaac, and Luke came to visit. Of course the one picture I have of Ayla is on my mom's camera so she's not on here, but she did see him! They all came on Saturday and then Uncle Al and Auntie Rachel came to visit on Sunday. It was a super weekend showing off our kids and visiting our siblings. The ones that could be there :)

All 5 rascally Kolosik grandsons: Tate(3), Charlie(new), Isaac(7), S.Jessen(5 in March), and Luke (5 on Feb. 20)

The oldest Kolosik cousin and the youngest: Isaac and Charlie

Uncle Al, Charlie, and Auntie Rachel, and their baby its house

The whole bunch